Dean Winter & the Heat ‘Bittersweet Love’ : Warmth of lessons learned in that frame of comforting contradictions.

Dean Winter & the Heat

Outstanding talents from Jacksonville, Florida, the gang in Dean Winter & the Heat, surmises a time of repent, in heart, in a time of a long ago, and of the time to come with ‘Bittersweet Love’.

The band had stated that the band is on a mission to blend classic country with alt and Americana vibes. And in that, we think with their debut EP ‘Pay Dirt’, they’d come through with flying colors.

Steel guitars, rhythms of the highest order, mellow in a sway of melodies, dancing and parsing sweet-nothings through lyrical glances and wisps.

‘Bittersweet Love’ “is about the one who got away, the sweetness of young love and the bitterness of mistakes and regret.” It’s the way mistakes can bring you that warmth of lessons learned in that frame of comforting contradictions.

The band is Dean Winter, Jack Mock, Jeremy Blanton and Ty Sullivan.

The EP is out now.


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