Deanna ‘Electric Blue’ : Supple vocals, with honesty to the hilt. The charming embrace.


Wanting all of it. That’s what that first part of the gloriousness of love – of falling for someone – means inside a slice of a moment. Quaking inside imaginations and suppositions of happiness and exulting satisfaction.

Glorious indeed.

Deanna’s ‘Electric Blue’ tries to capture that innocence of it all in a beautifully down-to-earth bounds of her witting emotions. And within this terms of endearment, Deanna asks us to travel with her in the realm of possibilities, in love, for love, and about love for just a little while.

Born north of Toronto, Canada, Deanna was raised in a family where music was a constant. She was known for composing songs at even the young age of 7, when she used her family computer to record herself singing.

After wrestling with and overcoming a major illness, Deanna felt motivated to pick up her music career where she had previously left off. Working full-time as a content editor during the day, Deanna performed at open-mic nights while she wrote over 70 songs in the process of deciding which songs will be used for her upcoming EP.

Supple vocals, with honesty to the hilt, the charming embrace of Deanna, graces your ears and ours.


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