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Dear Boy // Sara Trunzo // Silent Forum // Carl Louis // Catherine MacLellan

Dear Boy – Limelight

DEAR BOY is a quartet based out of Los Angeles, and the real life friends (vocalist Ben Grey, guitarist Austin Hayman, drummer Keith Cooper, and bassist Lucy Lawrence) give out textures of smiles, with no pretense to their listeners in ‘Limelight’. Coming off of a stellar 2018, the band had been hailed as one of the brightest bands in L.A., packed in shows, with tour dates that had Day Wave and Sunflower Bean in tow. The effervescence of the band’s offerings shine a new precedence. And as the new-wave rock visions of ‘Limelight’ purge our souls from the negatives of our lives, it soothes with witty and fun 80’s come-of-age-like color. There’s just no way but smile when listening to ‘Limelight’ and we recommend you not try to deviate from that vibe. It’s natural, nostalgic, and most of all it is that light innocence which the song cuts so well. See them next on July 5th in Toronto, ON at Rebel.

Sara Trunzo – Food and Medicine

SARA TRUNZO’s single ‘Food And Medicine’ is an example of a life’s exercise in describing what happens when the world has won. When the world has, through the years, slowly eaten your energies and soul, piece by piece. And at the end of it all, the only phrase that makes sense anymore is that utterly clinical phrase: “It’s what it is. And that’s that.” Sara is an advocate for community and that communal support that she believes a rural life or that sensibility can bring to our lives in this country. The native of New Jersey but based in Unity, Maine, the singer/songwriter has dedicated her own sensibilities for that message. With ‘Food And Medicine’ (1st place award winner at the 2018 Maine MSA awards) depicts a struggle in a microcosm of survival. Of limited resources, we feel even more isolated in ourselves, from the world. The guilt and regrets have mounted into a monster, as the times have flowed on, with seemingly no progress, no vision. Well, at least not any more. Sara’s understated but very much penetrating vocals, deliver her lyrics with dynamic civility in ‘Food And Medicine’. The bluegrass/country offering, just like a short story, paints a story that many of us can acclimate and understand. Sara wants to tell the ‘human story’ and in ‘Food And Medicine’ she certainly attains with glorious success.

Silent Forum – Safety in Numbers

SILENT FORUM is a Cardiff based post-punk 4 piece. Operating since 2015 under the moniker, the band delivers again a tantalizing bucket of questions and suppositions through a song named ‘Safety In Numbers’. And when you start playing the song, immediately that warm and decadent substantiveness of melodic punk poetry, oozes out like honey – enveloping and concentrating. With every breath of word to note, the best reminiscence of The Smiths and Morrissey come to tickle at the tongue, as you’re swept away from this place we call ‘being’. This is the 3rd single which follows singles ‘How I Faked The Moon Landing’ and ‘Robot’. The band stated: “[Safety In Numbers] expresses the importance of looking after your friends……that time will forget us, but that our relationships are the most meaningful thing we can achieve in life.” Gazy and dreamy, the punk undertones just shimmer underneath with vibrance and urging possibilities to predation. To emotions unfit. To emotions that need to be rebuilt. ‘Safety In Numbers’ is your song for your day of days. Make today happen.

Carl Louis – The Enemy

Norwegian producer CARL LOUIS drops lessons in ‘The Enemy’. The first single from his debut solo album (he’s 1/2 of duo CLMD), it takes us on a journey that we never thought we needed. And from its prodding synth harnessed framing, the digital offering calculates like a landing and connection to the ISS (International Space Station) in near space. Calm, seducing, unapologetic – the fit and finish of the song radiates with ‘ease’ as the rhythms bounce and delight our senses to over drive. Reminding of the best in traditions from acts like Moby, Massive Attack, with a sprinkle of Daft Punk’s attitude, the sublimation of glory, takes effect through this single. Uplifting and airy, the song keeps to an indie-pop writing exercise, but bleeds into electro-dance with fervent expertise and authority.

Catherine MacLellan – Out of Time

Prince Edward Island, Canada native CATHERINE MACLELLAN is a small gem in a world that seems chaotic at times. With all of the energies afforded, she intertwines thoughts and revelries within her song writing – with consequences to charm and connect with our listening ears. The veteran of the North American music scene, the contextual singer/songwriter deep dives into her subjects, reflecting and parrying, with adjustable and contemplative aplomb. The ripened juices of her single ‘Out Of Time’ (off of her upcoming new album ‘COYOTE’; October 11th), sings like a patented hand on shoulder to a struggling heart, beckoning and desiring to let that heart know that there will be hard times and good times. Said Catherine, the song reflects “much of the change that has been happening in my life. Out of Time is about pulling up stakes and not wasting any more time.” Daughter of Gene MacLellan, she had taken the past 4 years off from her own music to celebrate the life and legacy of her late father, by way of recording his songs and producing a documentary of what and who he was. “It’s been an important time for me,” said Catherine, “bringing my father’s life story and music back into the world. I’ve learned a lot about myself and who he was. I’m ready, though, to get back to my own path and to bring these songs into the world. They’ve been waiting for me.”


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