Dearly Beloved ‘LSD’ : Contrasting effortlessly with its supple and affectionate humanity.

Dearly Beloved

This video of the previously released audio single from LP Times Square Discount, was filmed with footage shot from Dearly Beloved’s autumn 2019 European tour with Sebadoh. It’s about the idea that one may want to “unfuck one’s self before trying to unfuck the world.”

“‘Times Square Discount’ is,” as vocalist/bass Rob Higgins put it, “a rabbithole record,” and one partially borne of “bingeing on Kubrick and drugs” and ruminating upon such fancies as “How do we make Kubrick an album?” and “How do you make an album version of The Shining?”

The result is an LP that has yielded some of the most pop-savvy material yet to appear in the Dearly Beloved canon.

‘Vacation’ and ‘LSD’ have an undeniably slinky, stick-in-your-head seductiveness about them, ‘Close Encounters’ and ‘Dog Food Thumbs’ a decidedly sing-song quality lurking amidst the battery. Meanwhile, opener ‘Race to the Bottom’ – inspired by Higgins and Chow’s shared experiences working in their 1st-generation immigrant grandparents’ small businesses as teenagers and the realization that such a from-the-ground-up fresh start is all but denied to any newcomer landing in modern-day Toronto – is an anthemic salute to “the mom-and-pop shops and the grandparents, parents, kids, aunts, uncles and family friends that ran and run them.”

Dearly Beloved is dearly odd. But oh so explains a lot of what we all are, at one point in our lives. Defiant, confused, reticent, dilligent – the definition of being human and doing the best they (we) can.

The psyche tinged madness of lyrics and monstrous instrumental purges, define ‘LSD’, contrasting effortlessly with its supple and affectionate humanity.

Let’s all endulge.


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