Death Hags ‘Keep Calling’ : Slap at the whims of the Universe.

Death Hags

Taking inspiration from artists like Brian Eno who forge their own musical path, Lola G. (DEATH HAGS) takes the listener on a journey through hypnotic electronics, psych and noise pop.

Following the release of four singles in 2018/2019, including ‘Metal Teeth’ on Burger Records and ‘Earthbound’ (recorded with Tomas Dolas – Oh Sees, Mr. Elevator), Death Hags has been touring the U.S. and Europe extensively.

With ‘Keep Calling’ it is a call to new visions and dreams in real time. And as a part of the project, the single is a cog in this album #3, a vibe “born after two days of fever and hallucinations caused by a dog bite… a kaleidoscopic view of the human condition and our possible futures.”

Matt and Lola produced slap at the whims of the Universe, ‘Keep Calling’ takes you on a journey only Death Hags has to offer.


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