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Death Hags Shares ‘Electrochemical Communication’. Be Absorbed. More.

DEATH HAGS. What can we say. Lola Jean is the head and heart of the project, which is vaunted in drips of angst, circumspect intransigence of emotions, and the composer based recluse in colors neon.

The artist and producer, is inspired to create. Creating of a world in the deepest of resonance, in perpetuity, sights and sounds seeded in the horns of your decadent corners of your own heart’s desires.

French and English are mixed, to a visceral degree, where the chants radiate to the skies, where legends, myths, and gods intermingle in a meeting of minds.

Radical acceleration, towards a convergence in intergalactic flight, ‘Electrochemical Communication’ hooks with melodies, guitar, and the soundscape in electronic soundscapes.

Born in the French Alps, now does her thing in the hills of East Los Angeles.

The artist is currently working on her multimedia project with Hunter Burgan of AFI.

Be absorbed.




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