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DEATH shares Debut ‘Give it Back’. Detroit Proto-Punk Legends comin’ at ya, again.

Re-releasing their archives, DEATH, the legendary punk forebears brings us ‘Give It Back’ – all for the sake of Mother Earth. The song was written originally in 1979 by Bobby Hackney and re-recorded in 2017. It was time to re-release it for the masses.

‘Give It Back’ will be in “…limited edition 7” vinyl single next week, paired with b-side “Playtime,” taken from DEATH’s 2015 N.E.W. LP.”

“New Death song from the Detroit archive addresses the environmental and cultural challenges that have crossed over from generation to generation and have come to fruition in today’s present society. Global climate changes, social and cultural stumbling blocks, world leaders in disarray, and the dissolution of dreams once hoped for that are proven lies or were lost. The resounding theme of the song as quoted in the lyrics: “We’ve taken from this world, now it’s time to give it back.” All conveyed in that Rockin’ Detroit-Rock sound.”

The record is now available for preorder here and will drop, February 21.

Heck yea.

They’re rep’ed by Drag City Records.

Order [HERE]



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