Deathcrush ‘I Want It That Way’ : You die. And you like it.


Norwegian trio Deathcrush. Newest album ‘Single Series’. Listen as you work, and be crushed by the weight of it all.

The succumbing combines of significance of the plight, wrestles into existence this little and black caldron of psychological ambiguities – darker than dark; harder than you’d expect.

One. Two. Three. Four. Your balls have been crushed by the death-grip magnificence.

The blackmetal, noiserock, hiphop delegation in ambles in ‘I Want it That Way’ defines sexy, perturbed, reticent, and anguishing circumstances with all the right points. With vocals gritting with crushed peppers of nonchalance, it decorates with the blood of your screaming soul and your future ‘death’. A preening maleficence, that attracts you like the blackened heart of a black-hole, it sucks you in with compassion for your demise.

You die. And you like it.

Linn Nystadnes, Vidar Evensen and Pelle Bamle makes things happen from Oslo.


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