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Deathlist’s new album ‘Fun’ to drop, March 9th.

‘Charm School’ (the single listed here) capsulate a lot of what Jenny Logan and the gang in ‘Deathlist’ represents: Rock, Grit, Nihilistic Opulence, Sultry Decadence.

The Portland, Oregon originating band keeps this understated psyche rock resonance in the upcoming new album ‘Fun’.

“She currently plays in grunge-pop trio Loveboys, post-punk upstart Miss Rayon, and pop dreamers Sunbathe. Until recently, she played bass in Summer Cannibals, and she once handled keyboards for the mythic Seattle-born cover band “The Rolling Stones.” She probably joined another band in the time it took you to read this paragraph.”

Yes. ‘Fun’. The name says it all (at least to us) – so cheeky, fabulously ironic, fabulously un-ironic.

And we love it when there are contrasts, contradictions – in art, art forms, artistic focus.

“Befitting an album haunted by the strange power of teenage friendship, Fun finds Deathlist drawing inspiration from bygone poets of dour adolescence: Logan cites Christian Death, Sisters of Mercy and Suicide as significant inspirations for her new album’s sound.”

We agree. That’s what exists here.

Should be really ‘fun’ when the album drops for the rest of the masses get to experience Deathlist.

Let’s find out together, shall we?

“With ‘Fun’, Deathlist makes a powerful case in favor of taking that difficult journey.”

‘Fun’ drops March 9th.

Deathlist is rep’ed by XRAY Records.



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