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Debbie Downer – Why Are You So Mad At Me

Debbie Downer’s Why Are You So Mad At Me. What can we say about it, that hasn’t been expressed yet? Oh we know. That the song and the execution is so NYC/Brooklyn, and that we are huge posers at CHF, so we love this song? Maybe a good and weird start.

Understatement. It’s an “understated” way of expressing either a negative, or a positive. If CHF’s fashion is gaudy, maybe it’s a nice way to say it’s “understated”. If CHF’s obsession with dried fruit snacks is getting in the way of being normal, then, for sure, we can say, “that obsession is understated”.

What we’re trying to get at with the previous non-sensical paragraph is that this reverb heavy sounding, simple garage tune by the band is… well… not exposed enough to the masses.

Reminder of grunge alt-rock and such types, a thought that just permeates the song (and the band)- but in an elegant way. It does floss out some of the dirt between the ears, and a fresh sigh of relief is expunged.

The lyrics are something we’d hear from a diary, of a private dialog which took place 10 years ago – all with a guy who was really thick headed. In hindsight, what was written in the diary, was just so accurate lol.

The girls & guy in Debbie Downer, use the ‘Downer’ last name for the stage. Always a cool service for the fans.

Because to be honest, Jessica’s last name is a hum-dinger of a word to pronounce. Her last name is pronounced (per Jessica) JE-si-kuh NUM-SOO-wahn-kij-kool.

Yep. We’re thick headed sometimes, too.

Kudos, DD, kudos.

Oh, also, CHF is a bit late to the Debbie Downer game. They’d debuted in early 2017. Read their debut article at The Le Sigh, as well.

Debbie Downer:
Jessica Numsuwankijkul
Emily Jane
Jacob W. Cavell
Nicole Mercedes


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