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Debut Announcement: The Other End – Far From Home

Ida Knoph-Solholm and Alexander Breidvik make up The Other End, a project that could make some fabulous waves in the indie music scene – spreading their wares from their home (Bergen Norway) to the world.

We had been intrigued.

And when one listens to ‘Far From Home’, it whisks the mind into a far-flung dungeon in hyper-enlightened, husk of memories and ‘maybe’ circumstances. A story of ‘what-abouts’ and what could and should have been. The sulking heft of the ‘world on one’s shoulders’, raking away the life from one’s soul.

But there is a glimpse of ‘good’ – the optimism, in the corner of ‘love’ and ‘angst’. It’s a jittery wood plank, which might shake and rattle, but you’re confident of its success in getting you to the other side – the other face of relationship.

Only one remains, whether many others had existed. She or he is the only one in that moment in time.

Hundred percent success. Or, hundred percent doom.

Commitment was never an abuse. Love isn’t an excuse.

Ida’s vocals is a tsunami of feelings, discreetly presented in the gentle rolling of myopic contusions – battering the senses for maximum attention.

Attention is needed, for there’s too much at stake. There’s just too much being described in one note of her voice.

It’s a profound articulation. A profound enjoyment.

The combination, to a degree makes us feel we’re listening to the ‘ambience’ of Bear’s Den, in a weird way. Not the technical attributes, mind you, but the ‘feel’ portrayed by the song. Alexander’s guitar picking style adds to that as well with maximum effect and emotional attachment. The combo is fab.

Bit too much?

Maybe. But not too much off. It’s a tremendous coincidence, or circumstance by design.

We dig styles like their’s – mucho. We’d never been shy from stating that fact, over and over.

In any case, ‘The Other End’ strokes the interest, and much anticipation and expectation from folks like us who had the chance to listen to their single.

We think it’s a high aim to shoot for, but what a way to start their duo career.

Fan-tabulous, we say.

Anywho, We’ll all find out in March of 2017, won’t we?

Kudos, Ida/Alexander. Kudos.

The Other End will release their debut 5 song EP March 16th and their first single, Far from Home on January 12th.

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