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Debut LP: Spice Boys drops ‘Glade’.

Spice Boys debuted their first LP January 12th and we were ready since our first experience with them in October 2017, reviewing then, the single ‘Spice City Boys’. We were ready for the ‘spice’.

Back in October we’d mentioned that the Spice Boys were: “Spice Boys’ Spice City Boys is, to be right to the point, a slap-stick runt of the litter, glittering in righteous improvements in un-realistic non-sense. So, it’s very good.”

A big compliment, from a little review org =D

We were certainly impressed with ‘Spice City Boys’ back then. Now that we heard the other 10 songs, we were happy that our initial impressions were correct!

The gang from Umeå, Sweden rocks it up with the heightened The Hives like scraping guitar work, and psychodelic indie-rock to flower the essence. Our favorites so far has been ‘Spice City Boys’, ‘Swish’, ‘Fuk Luv’, ‘Vessel’, and ‘Mirages’. They are the more rockin’-est but at the same time so different.

So, fun.

Anywho, we expected nothing less, for CHF wasn’t alone with the praise for the Spice Boys. People form The FADER, KEXP, Maximum Rocknroll, GoldFlakePaint, Far Out Magazine, and The405 were IN- just like us. The conclusions were unanimous!

The band formed in 2015, and has been doing a snappy job of promoting their output and the band. It’s been a fast and quick rise to the new debut LP, and larger things are surely to come.

  1. Spice City Boys
  2. I Don’t Get Around
  3. Can’t Turn Back
  4. Swish
  5. Fuk Luv
  6. Vessel
  7. Citrus Blossom
  8. Cities
  9. Darling (No One Will Be There)
  10. Breathe In Breathe Out
  11. Scarabs
  12. Pizza Flavoured Kisses
  13. Mirages

Buy it here at the PNKSLM store.

Kudos, Spice Boys & Congrats.



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