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Debute: reSouza – ‘Your Melody’

reSouza is Renate Hellerud and her song ‘Your Melody’ is just a fabulously beautiful thought- in that lovely shimmer that exists in a second, a minute, an hour. It wakes and longs for the perfect – a perfect imperfection we fall in love to.

She’s in love. She sings in love. The song makes one fall in love.

“You can depend on me. I’m not weak. We’ll be strong together.”

Her voice is the center of it all. It is soft and gentle – caring and empathetic. But beneath it, is strength unbound. Just like the consistent and dependable rolling tides from the middle of the ocean, there is the gravity underneath that calm.

When we listen, we’re drawn – we’re swept.

“Take us along. We are yours. Our ears and inhibitions can be molded by you.”

So, lovely.

Sometimes it is the strength that forges one’s heart – for near and to the far, goals and objections.

Bounds are un-binding. Expressions don’t have limitations. It is only your imagination.

Break away. Roll in. Be warm.

Just like the waves and the tides.

She is what we (at CHF) enjoy in folk and songwriting.

And fortunately for her listeners, in ‘Your Melody’ she accomplishes this, in spades.

Kudos, Renate. Kudos. We suggest you get to know her too.

reSouza is a Brazilian-Norwegian singer & songwriter based in Bergen, Norway and we dig her, a lot. We’re looking forward to more from her. She tells us that her song is to be part of the popular Norwegian series, ‘Unge Lovende’. We’re looking forward to that, for sure.

Quite isn’t quite, without the full.
Winching weights, of emotions unmasked.
Reversing forward, forwarding what should.
Hand it over, un-canned they might be.
For it is never sour, revive it again and again.



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