Dee ‘I Believe in the Moon’ : Unique and wistful. Rhythmical pop entanglements, sooth in a way that is none like other.


“I’ve been on a journey,” said Dee. “This is me home, coming back to myself. Last night I watched the full moon rise over a mountain and it was sooo beautiful! I felt and saw the light and energy at its peak and today I welcome the wind down. The next 2 weeks of reflecting, rejuvenating and releasing. I’m so excited. Swipe for pictures of the moon, that require a lot of imagination, and for some full moon journaling.”

Added Dee: “This song is written for moon lovers, be they out and proud or quiet and curious. It will be released on the full moon of July. Printable full moon ritual guides will be gifted in preparation for release, in return for pre-saving the track. Next come songs about crystals and periods. If blood isn’t your thing, we still invite you to stick around for some simple alt-pop consumption.”

Unique and wistful at the same time, the Berlin based pop artist’s rhythmical pop entanglements, soothe in a way that is none like other. A charming assault in the old and the new, a different perspective grows from the planted seeds, Dee has always promised.


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