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Deelanz – Not Quite Ordinary

“I wrote Not Quite Ordinary after driving through the wild west on an all night adventure,” said Dylan Lewman of DEELANZ. “It’s about taking a leap of faith & meeting soul fam and new friends along the way who make you feel at home no matter where you are at and spreading those good vibes as we continue to awaken.” ‘Not Quite Ordinary’ is quite the psyche-rock anthem that just goes under the radar, as far as its style and attitude. You’d never guess that. But it surely is. And as the best traditions of 60’s classic psyche rock bands, DEELANZ is a beautifully modern, rock guitar driven, hard kissing song that just kicks ass. “I urge you to dig deep & fight the war within,” Dylan added, “I will be with you along the way, sending you love & light to overcome this test of destiny. As you merge into your highest self, we will walk together, hand in hand unto this new earth. The future is love, the future is light, welcome to our new reality…” Right on Dylan.

Speelburg – Million Air

Speelburg (Noah Sacré) is something else. Explained Noah: “This a love song that sounds like the feeling you get when you walk by first class, then business class and then get to economy (this sucks, but we’re in it together!). It’s also about those early days of a relationship that are wrapped up in infatuation.” Not sure what kind of relationships he’s been in but everything’s hunky dory on our side! JUST KIDDING! It’s all crappy for us too! Anywho, ‘Million Air’ is a play on words for our entertainment, but is a virtual iron which straightens out some of the wrinkly distortions we have in our personal lives. Well, at least it puts us in the right direction, you can say. But even if it doesn’t help you out, at least it’s a banger of a slow burner to enjoy, right?? Heck yes. Let’s get ‘wealthy’.

Shiraz Lane – Do You

Yep. We know. “So, when are you going to feature a band that just rocks like no tomorrow??” you asked. SHIRAZ LANE is your reality to that question, with no ifs, ands, or buts. You want classic glam rock?? You want classically trained arpeggio driven guitar solos?? You want the sexiness that you thought was long gone from the radio towers?? Don’t worry. SHIRAZ LANE is the savior, and that means it is your time to rock the leather pants and live the glory, once again for the first time. ‘Do You’ hits all of the touch points of a orgasmic time at rock. With dynamic vocals like Mark Slaughter, guitar arrangements like Motley Crue, and offering harmonic hooks like no one’s business, SHIRAZ LANE keeps the tradition flowing. The band is made up of: Hannes Kett, Jani Laine, Miki Kalske, Joel Alex, and Ana Willman. And their storm of sexy rock is coming your way. If you’re in Finland, see them next at Tanssisali Lutakko on December 26th, in Jyväskylä, Finland.

Office Culture – Hard Times In The City

Jazzy, groovy, melancholic in their own ways and means – the harping undergrowth of coming of age, misdirected into humanhood, delivers in kind, when OFFICE CULTURE’s single ‘Hard Times In The City’ is amplified. The 4 piece pop/smooth rock band from Brooklyn, consisting of Winston Cook-Wilson (voice/keyboard), Ian Wayne (guitar/keyboards), Charlie Kaplan (bass), and Pat Kelly (drums), lengthens the time between just before dusk and the finality of a day’s sunset. The dark gray, gruesome in its beauty, envelopes you in decadently sheer comfort. The downing of your last gulp of cocktail, is just the beginning to another night of bliss and friendships. Their beautiful sounds will carry you off into space, and with their 2nd full length album ‘A Life Of Crime’, dropping November 1st, you’re utterly and insufferably doomed.

Johnathon McCombe – Something Good

With a groove that is gentle and often nostalgic, Johnathon McCombe’s title track off of his 12 song, 3rd album, is a symbolic offering of good tidings and merriment that you’d expect from a chill-surg rock vibin’ performance. In line with the theme of the sound that is indicative of the album, this single is a taste for the good life, in a limited life, taking life by the throat, but living to enjoy even the bad times. For life is a box of chocolates – as per someone in the movies. Johnathan’s drizzly dream-pop vocals, heavy on reverb and 60’s aesthetic guitar strumming, casts you endlessly into that vibe of palm trees, Magnum PI, and some shore of your imagination. You just want to stay for a while. The album is available now.


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