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Deep Sea Peach Tree // Funny Face House // Sunset Couriers // Glome // Young Sawbones

Deep Sea Peach Tree – Mellow Richard

DEEP SEA PEACH TREE consists of Kristof Denis (guitar/vocals), Wiley Watson (bass) and Andrew Pesce (drums). The New York City trio, distributes dreamy-hazy guitar driven harmonies and garage music antics for our teeth to chew on. The pulsating-ly ominous single ‘Mellow Richard’ is an evolution marker, continuing the band’s pension for the unique and the Brooklyn sound that has given them the ammo they strive for everyday. And they succeed like no one’s business. Get to know the band. You cannot, not like them. Word.

Funny Face House – Magnolia

Parted hair in the middle of the scalp has nothing on FUNNY FACE HOUSE’s single ‘Magnolia’. It’s the anti-Bay Watch of musical differences and inoculation of the normal that your mother had recommended to you. The rockin’ chords drive the heady and surprisingly apropos subject of underlying frustrations the song beautifully professes. The DIY culture is alive and kickin’ your balls to that mural that exists in your urban community. It’s there. Don’t be square. Let it absorb you, and not the other way around. It’s not fun that way. Let’s get inspired.

Sunset Couriers – You’re Leaving Too Soon

We are too proud of ourselves sometimes. And because of that we miss chances to tell another how we really feel. The end result shouldn’t matter, for at least your part of the deal had been done. It’s now the other party’s ball to throw. SUNSET COURIERS correctly depicts this nervous feeling and inaction, during their several minutes of emotional confession ‘You’re Leaving Too Soon’. The post-punk garage-rock gang deliberately tries their best to get us to be fans with the single. And they succeed with flying colors, thank you very much. Now, only if we get the courage to tell her that we can be together forever, that would be fabulous. To be continued. ‘You’re Leaving Too Soon’ is off of the band’s EP ‘See You Tomorrow’ (available now).

Glome – Android Love

When we were in the future, we dressed like there was nothing wrong and that we loved how the past 21st century dressed. In essence, we camouflaged ourselves in the future version of hipsters. But the future bought it, hook line sinker. In our music player, we inspired ourselves with the music of GLOME’s ‘Android Love’. The strength to ward off never seen before vices, came from the notes of ‘Android Love’. The purple haze of the future never got to us the way it did our compatriots. Now that we’re back in the current century, we live again in our heads the indescribable fascination we loved. The future is in our heads and hearts, ‘Android Love’ guides us through.

Young Sawbones – Herringbone

YOUNG SAWBONES, the solo project of Ben Fox Smith, comes back with a video of single ‘Herringbone’. This is our favorite of his latest singles, with poppy single notes and layered on top of psyche-rock bread crumbs. Ben is an artist who’s been in the London rock scene for a long time, and you can easily feel the exquisite and delicate pangs he describes so well through his songs. The quality of thought and emotions bare squarely in the mind of Ben. YOUNG SAWBONES helps all of us witness the continued contributions.


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