Deeper Upper Shares ‘Made in 1982’. Take A Ride Into That Retro Existence. You’ll Like It There.

1980’s pop culture has an iconic stature in our current market place. Collectables to trends to music. There’s never a limit to what those 10 years means to our current 2010’s. But it is so popular, because, at least from a musical point of view, so many great pop trends bore and embedded into our psyches. That’s why we at CHF love that culture of the past as well. We don’t wear 80’s style clothing, or drive a Lamborghini, but we do love listening to retro-wave-pop bands like DEEPER UPPER. Their latest single ‘Made In 1982’ is an homage to that longed-for decade. But the single stands on its own with synth-pop elements that ‘POP’, and danceable beats that would make ‘Crockett’ want to dance in the Miami nights.

Close your eyes, and listen to this fab 4 piece band from Lithuania. They got it going on and hits the right nerves with this single.

The band formerly formed in 2010, and in 2016 released their debut album ‘Mirrors’.

‘Made in 1982’ tells a story about a girl and a guy who both act as they would be the superstars of their era.

“The girl shows up in the dance floor all dressed up pretty. Soon she owns the stage with her astonishing dancing moves. The guy enters the room, who is all serious and mysterious. He acts like he’s a bad boy from the action movies, but he can’t resist the party mood.”

Word. We dig it, for sure.


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