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Deepest Bison // Wheavy // The Balcony // Infinite Sonic // AVALE

Deepest Bison – Rider

Minneapolis native Deepest Bison’s single ‘Rider’ is a kick start to a heavily loaded week’s worth of Eternity. It’ll be hard. It’s that uphill of vibes that will hit you with all they’ve got. You have bruises of ethereal worries, and you are aching. Aching with the urge to surround with speckled calluses from the sun drenched desert torture. Your parched emotions, need that sprinkle of recognition. A recognition from the one you’d always admired – cared for – adored. Is this a mirage? Nope. It’s just the Eternity, that’s ahead of you. Roll up your sleeves.

Wheavy – keep the string

“This is a song about a short lived summer romance, and feelings of nostalgia about a time when I was younger and everything was less complicated.” Wheavy (Adam Weber-Heavey) is the project of the now and that project of measuring the excitement that you get from her breathy kiss on your ear. It’s not her actions, but that sensation that you get from that vibe of the inevitable. You surge and don’t know where it will lead. But you keep going, because it’s feels like it’s the way to go. Wheavy goes, even with that hovering nostalgia of breath upon breath, of this world.

The Balcony – By the Hand

Formed at the beginning of 2019 and quickly making a major impact, The Balcony are the freshest talent in the pop-rock sphere. Their infectious melodies and energetic live performances have garnered the attention of top new music spotters This Feeling, leading to two packed back to back takeover shows in their hometown of Stockton-on-Tees. ‘By the Hand’ is the first single from The Balcony’s debut EP, and like the first love and infatuation, the refreshing thrust of guitar driven pop-rock is grand. The 80’s coming-of-age vibin’ goodness of ‘By The Hand’ claps with confidence while a tinge of emo makes you glad to be involved in listening. Dancey and prodigious, the rightfully constructed single is all that is needed for your day to turn out (or end) well, as can be. With a smile, that is.

Infinite Sonic – Asphyxiate

Tom Fay, Gabriela Alvarado, Johan Rodriguez, Paula Hidalgo, and David Segura brings to the fore a rockin’ psyche ballad in ‘Asphyxiate’. With crisp arrangement and guitar picks, the lamenting subject of the single is a throw to a different vibe of goodness. A rousing undulation, collapses in anticipation, until the sonic guitar solo – with all of the classic trimmings of truth, justice, and a way of life. The Bogotá Colombia based band is kickin’ and askin’ name later. See them next @ Cafe Canterbury, Colombia on November 9th.

AVALE – Entropy

Entropy is a tune about questioning the ones around you. “Are they there for a singular purpose or more?” said the duo Imran Khalique and Richard Ross, on this particularly delectable rock offering. Since forming in 2012, this independent band has displayed incredible workmanship to harness the heart and soul of that tastiest of circumstance: The darkness of melodies. Slowly riveting the insurgency, the power licks of ‘Entropy’ catapults into revival, as the song casts a different kind of intensity and contextual inhibitions. New York based, the offering is an an angular cause of sonic construction, in the best tradition of preeminent bands like Tool. It’s a fab experience.


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