Deer Fellow ‘Each Night’ : A beautiful single with palpable vocals and energetic optimism.

Deer Fellow

‘Each Night’ is about “relentless infatuation”.

Said Deer Fellow: “The subject struggles with inescapable thoughts about his love interest, not sure if anything will ever come to fruition or if the feelings are mutual. He wants to tame the obsession, but at the same time he can’t stop toying with the thrill of it all – the let-downs mixed with what-ifs, the pain mixed with pleasure. Although he feels haunted by her, it is a welcome haunting.”

The first song off of their upcoming EP, ‘Words Unsaid’, the duo from Austin Texas, continues their anointed path to musical revelry and downright emotional salvation. A beautiful single with palpable vocals and energetic optimism, ‘Each Night’ is a story of us, one time or another.

Bandmates Matt Salois (guitar, vocals) and Alyssa Kelly (violin, vocals, piano) met at an open mic and were quick to collaborate. Fast forward to present day and coupledom, the two have built a cross-genre sound that reveal what’s been hidden in plain sight, while turning to console and empathize.


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