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Deer Scout – Sad Boy

Deer Scout’s Sad Boy is a folk song. Just that it’s an awesome folk song that has kick-ass atmosphere that dips its toes into the indie-pop segment- and it brilliantly transitions in and out of the two.

What we love about the song is that it first feels like one will be taking a trip into “Napoleon Dynamite” weirdness and dorkiness territory. But it doesn’t. It just takes one to the edge, and then pumps your brain with odd sensations of one’s past memories. Then quickly pulls those memories into 80’s “come-of-age” movies mistakenly, but fabulously.

Dena Miller (Deer Scout) is brilliant in the presentation of the lyrics and the eco-system she comfortably sets those words. The song is soft-spoken, but underneath is a giant of a song.

Great things come in small packages, sometimes. Other publications like The Key and The Le Sigh already recognizes the fab song, and we at CHF, couldn’t agree more.

Kudos, Dena. Kudos.



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