Def Manic ‘See U Again’ : Where Def Manic can shine. He does here, once again.

Def Manic

Def Manic’s latest is ‘See U Again’. The much understated talent, hip hop artist / producer / songwriter, gains evermore respect and praise through each and every single he lets loose into the world. Combining soul, rock and jazz to enhance and reflect, the rapper brings sustenance to the core and helps his listeners connect through ol’school story telling and vibin’.

Def Manic has also opened for Twista (USA), Scribe (NZ), B.o.B (USA) and A Tribe Called Quest (Phife + Ali) and has signed a world wide distribution deal with Savvy Muzik. Peace and respect, Def Manic.

He has been billed alongside the likes of B.o.B., Twista, Souls of Mischief, A Tribe Called Quest (Phife Dawg + Ali) & Scribe (NZ), headlined shows in Japan and Thailand & has most recently shared his talents in NYC at the legendary venues, Knitting Factory and S.O.B.s.

There is always an instant when you can recognize a goodness from an artist. Talent, charisma, and use of power through words – that’s where Def Manic can shine.

He does here, once again.


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