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Def3 Reflects On His Passion. ‘Fill Your Soul / Produced by Late Night Radio’ (VIDEO)

The new video from Def3, is a story telling device from a first-person vantage point, where a vinyl travels from the 70’s through to the now. With the help of Canadian west-coast hiphop vets like, Moka Only, DJ Kemo + Dedos of The Rascalz, Dertmerchant of Sweatshop Union & Emotionz, the single taken off of the 2017 album ‘Small World’, delights with pomp and anthem.

Dedication for the passion of music and hiphop is obvious in the single, and there’s no apologies for it.

Def3 originates from Regina, Canada, and the hiphop producer was recently nominated for his 4th western Canadian music award for ‘Rap Artist Of The Year’ in 2018. The performer has been very busy with his live shows throughout Canada, Europe, and Australia.

‘Small World’ is available via URBNET Records and on all platforms.



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