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Defenestrators – Memory Making

“A song about (1) the time Len’s first cousin once removed proposed to his then-girlfriend; and (2) when Len went to New Zealand’s Milford Sound where the bus driver said that they could take photos and do some “memory making”. Len Lopez and Chris Trifiletti came together as DEFENESTRATORS. “It’s not ideal for the sound, but you’ve got concrete on the floor, on the walls, and on the ceiling. Sometimes, an electric scooter is in the way. There’s a fridge that doesn’t keep any beverages. And good luck trying to stay here in the summer. But as long as Len can fit his guitar amps, and as long as Chris has room for his drum kit, the bungalow is best.” It’s refreshing from the duo’s technical offering. Bare, reverb, reflective, stripped, engaging – subtleties abound, more than it appears in ‘Memory Making’.

Ghosts in Pocket – Quisling

Off of their LP ‘PostHubris’, single ‘Quisling’ is willing to walk that line with you. Your sense of ability. Sense of loyalty and attempt, not to hide in secrets. From Keith: “Hey all, Keith here. With Posthubris coming out on all streaming platforms tomorrow, I’ve got a few acknowledgements and thanks to make. My wife: who has always fully supported my projects even when I don’t want her to hear songs until they’re absolutely done. I’m kind of a bastard in that respect, and I promise to share all the demos with you in the future. Thank you for your love, patience, confidence, and a most proper album title. Our fearless producer/mixer/engineer Matt Rubic, who made so many right calls and suggestions during the tracking, and produced some of our most sonically cohesive songs to date. Finally, the band, the boys, the heroes. Little secret: I can’t play most instruments for shit. What these guys do to the skeletons I share with them is pure magic, and the songs here are a reflection of their hard work, dedication to craft, intuition, and sheer ability.”

Hunting – Whatever You Need

“For me, I met that person right before leaving town to live in Europe for two months to write songs and try to catch Bowie’s late 70’s Berlin vibe,” stated Bradley Ferguson. “Though, all the while I felt like it’d be way more fun if she was there tripping around with me. The lyrics ‘We’ll get high on our Fame, all stoned on our vain’ is a reference to what it must have been like to be Bowie and Iggy Pop lighting up that city.” Bradley Ferguson, Dustin Bentall, and Jessica Yliruusi make up HUNTING. In this iteration, it leads forward with nostalgic 80s glam rock soundscapes come clean and washes over you like it was yesterday. It’s a good feeling.

Quan Bay – Metromania

“‘Metromania’ is a song we wrote, rewrote, recorded and re-recorded for years. Interestingly, the lyrics barely changed but the melody and tone twisted and turned as much as we had as people. We first explored the song through the lens of frustration and depression. It was an expression of how staying the same way forever was terrifying. Were we never going to grow or change?” There’s just something to QUAN BAY’s single ‘Metromania’. It might be the 80’s vibes. It might be the coming-of-age progression. It just might be the sentimentality of the lyrics. But all come greatly together to offer a delicacy in presentation and worth. A worth of interest, curiosity, and of perpendicularly singular point of contention. ‘Metromania’ is a charming and organic electro-pop offering that just works, so very well.

Sis – Human Poses

Off of ‘Gas Station Roses’, the utterly voluptuous single ‘Human Poses’ come to life with all of what music could be. Jazzy pop keys, electric 80’s guitar animalism, perfection of an expert bass – they all culminate into a sun powered nuclear testament of song. ‘Human Poses’ was “written in response to needing to turn off the news and go take a walk in San Francisco evening.” Jenny Gillespie Mason, with core members Carly Bond and Rob Shelton, are a tour-de-force of wildly gorgeous musical construction and dexterity in infused music, that is hard to ignore.


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