Delhia de France ‘All Forms are Unstable’ : Dark. Invigorating. Gorgeous. Penatrating.

Delhia de France with Latex creations: Florian Máthé / Jewels: Luise Zücker /Photo: Alix Spence / Styling: Kirstie Coico / MUA: Ayami Yameda

Producer, singer and songwriter, Delhia de France offers the first rework of Robot Koch’s new album.

“Being a songwriter I knew that I definitely wanted to give the track words and a song-y feel, yet leaving enough space for the layered sounds in an instrumental part, and of course also featuring the gorgeous orchestral sounds,”

With a back catalogue of collaborations that reads like the who’s-who of underground electronic dance music, Delhia de France has been forging her solo career between Berlin and LA since the last 2 years, giving melancholia a shape with her darker sides of Altpop Electronica.

“There is something about the darkness of the music and the lightness of her voice and delivery that is undeniably sultry and sexy – like a siren from another plain.” says Blog Higherplain Music (UK) about her sound.

Creating a sonically as well as visually stunning world Delhia collaborates with talented visionaries for her artwork as well as on stage.


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