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Delicate Steve – Friends

It’s an uncertain journey, but sometimes there are constants – which stay with you through thick and the thin. Delicate Steve’s latest offering on his EP Cowboy Stories, is ‘Friends’. And it tells of that little journey, or the affection of which, stays – loitering in the heart.

Can there be any bigger gift than great friends? There are very little that comes close. It certainly is up there in the top 5, no?

And does this apply when one does not have great friends? Yes. It sure does. For there will be more opportunities to getting some in the near future.

Well, that’s the optimistic way of looking at things.

Some are lucky, some are not so.

Some have a few great friends, some have only one.

Some have none, some have many acquaintances.

Judgement is hindered by our experiences in life, and travel through the good and the bad.

Along the way, there are many who can be patient; with you, with your plight.

Cherish that friend.

Delicate Steve has been entertaining his fans for sever years now, and his acumens are unique.

We wouldn’t want his instrumental musings, changed at all. Not one bit.

His emotions come directly and are easily digestible – understandable.



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