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Delsbo Beach Club Shares ‘Every Hour’. New EP ‘Four Tracks & A Burger’ Dropped For Consumption.

Guess what? The sweet, sweet psyche-toned indie surf/rock goodness from the guys in the band DELSBO BEACH CLUB dropped their long awaited EP ‘Four Tracks & A Burger’.

The amazing band had released their fabulous single ’All The Way Home’, ’Talking In My Head’, ’Something’s Over’ prior to this 4th song ‘Every Hour’. And as the last track of the extremely fascinating and surprisingly complex set of singles, DBC’s hard-hitting ‘soft-power’ pop hangs in the air like the quintessential haze over a pre-dawn field of lilies.

Beautiful to set your eyes. Take some photos, and put it on Instagram, for all of your pals to gawk.

‘Four Tracks & A Burger’ is the first of 2 EPs due to be released this spring by DBC, with the second EP due to drop in April of 2019, along side a very important vinyl that will dutifully present the two EPs in unison.

Stockholm based, DELSBO BEACH CLUB was from the get go, a highly prized band with a promise to be one to watch out for in the highly competitive Swedish indie scene. We’d reviewed their debut single ‘All The Way Home’ where we’d stated: “Delsbo Beach Club’s All The Way Home helps us. Helps us losers, find the way. Find the way to the better ‘place’, greener and with a swimming pool. Adding to the cuddling lyrics, DBC slaps gently with the hamburger patty at that deck party – and we’ll like it.

We continued: “We’ll like it, a lot. The hamburger patty, and the deck, and the swimming pool, and the music. It’s an odd feeling, really. When a ‘dribble, dribble’ kind of notes come out of the speaker (as it does with this song) it shouldn’t be attractive. It shouldn’t be attractive, sonically nor aesthetically. But to us, it does.”

The band states: ‘Four tracks & a burger’ is our first EP, recorded at four locations across Stockholm. Guitars are provided by Erik Björklund and Max Englund, bass from Aron Lange, drums from Alexander Kuronen and synths and vocals by Erik. The EP is mixed by Alexander Eldefords and mastered by Magnus Lindberg. The cover is drawn by Erik.

“This EP consists of what we then saw as our four best songs when playing live at venues in and outside of Stockholm,” DBC continued. “The songs are mostly about love and the misunderstandings connected to it. The instrumental parts are strongly influenced by all kinds of indie band, mostly ones of the 2010s where the guitar is in focus.”

With kudos and challenges (especially departures form 2 of its members), the band is still here, still united, with scars, but with only one focus in mind – celebration of music, the way they know how.

“The final result of this EP is something that I’m very proud of. I’ve learned so much about what it actually takes to put together an EP or an album. But most of all I’m incredibly pleased with the songs. When hearing the final mixes and masters I really heard the full potential, something I might have been a bit blind about after dragging out on this process for almost a year, “ Erik Björklund said.

Accolades were a plenty for the band with even CLASH Magazine going ‘ga ga’ over DELSBO’s emotive and relevant sensibilities.

Now, fast forward to now – the big twenty one nine – and the momentum is going strong for the band, as the band shows much in variety and dexterity for the sublime and under-toned growl in lyrics.


DELSBO BEACH CLUB started initially as a solo project by Erik. Now, with singles and EPs ready to be shared, the thankful Erik and gang can further concentrate on charming the bejeezes out of current and future fans, live and when virtually invading their living rooms, anywhere in the world.

‘Four Tracks & A Burger’ is out now via their biggest cheerleaders, Rama Lama Records.



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