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Delsbo Beach Club’ Single ‘Talking In My Head’. Clangy, Jangly, Jiggle Rock n’ Roll. Tell Her You Love Her.

We love guitars like the way it’s played on Delsbo Beach Club’s new single ‘Talking In My Head’. It just feels like it’s really ‘talking’ and having a full on conversation in our heads, gossiping, laughing, during a brunch in Beverley Hills, California. Watch the Ferraris and the wide shoulder padded gals on the boulevard, walk past. But that’s not reality. She’s here, with you, staring in your eyes. What will you do?

You don’t care, for this song is playing and rolling in your head.

2017 was a fabulous year for Delsbo Beach Club, from the promotions front, with absolutely the right hype for the pound-for-pound delivery of their songs to the masses.

And the masses, loved what they heard.

Now, we come to 2018, with a line-up shuffle behind them, the 5 piece band is set again to forge forward.

”It’s a song with two repeated sentences that tells a story about a night when I met a person that later came to be very important for me. The feeling and lyrics tells the only thought I had in my head at that time.” – Erik Björklund.

“I found myself starting to get feelings for her so I wanted to tell her everything and nothing all at once. At the same time I was afraid of accidentally lying to her…something I usually have very hard to express in this way.”

‘Talking In My Head’ is available now.

Debut EP is expected sometime in 2018.

Buy [HERE]

DBC is rep’ed by Rama Lama Records.



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