Delta Days ‘Never End’ : Refreshing. Rock n’ Roll is where it’s at. We sure are glad that’s the neighborhood they inhabit.

Delta Days

Rock n’ Roll is where Delta Days lives. We sure are glad that’s the neighborhood they inhabit.

No nonsense, no frills, no fluff, all rock – the Hamilton Ontario (Canada) based band of high school friends, just has the chemistry of song writing that you’re surely keen for feelings of envy.

Happy, sad, or whatever the occasion, there’s just a no stress vibe about the band that just immediately soaks into your pores of wanting desires in sound.

‘Never End’ is a continuation of that succulent pattern, and it sure makes you want to feel good.

The song looks at the darker period of a person struggling to find some solace. Ethan Paxton explained: “It’s about dealing with all the bullshit that comes up in life, friends lying, friends dying and a sense of always searching for this well-being you can’t find.”

But boy, it sure puts a smile on our faces. Don’t you love contrasts, such as this?

Heck yes.

Look for more from the band.


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