Deluxe Country Music Band ‘Heartbreak Union’ : Let’s get drunk on the goodness, shall we??

Deluxe Country Music Band

Thoughtful and charming, the beautifully expressive vocals of Keaton Butler helps you dive right into the heart of the matter, as her partners in crime bring that good ol’ country for our listening pleasure. Vibrant and girdled with pride and ecstasy, each meaningful lines of heartache and injustice, contrast over the vibe of positive and lingering folds of yore.

“This is a song I wrote when I moved from Kentucky to Detroit,” said Keaton. “I had just gone through an awful breakup and wanted to express the feeling of being extremely sad but also not being willing to move on yet and clinging to the memories of the relationship even though they’re more painful…I wanted to find a way to say this in some sort of metaphor and since i had just moved to Detroit, the “Motor City” i was suddenly around a lot more factory work and union culture.”

Sure there’s tragedies in life. But from the heart-ful sadness and disappointments come a chance to rise like the phoenix. And in the songs of DCMB and the crew, they decide to cling to the idea of the latter, constructing goodness for all to imbibe.

Let’s get drunk on the goodness, shall we??

The band is built around the honesty and hearty feelz of Keaton “Missy Mae Ryder” Butler, Jordan “Hollywood” Siden, Avery “Big Man” Reidy, and Kyle “Stickmin” Shelest.

They’re entertainers for your heart. They’re like Tylenol for your Friday night soul.

Let’s go.


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