Delv ‘Bottom Line’ : Arrangement of sound that provides that time of solace.


Addiction. It’s what Delv’s vocals is all about. It’s contemplation, swayed by the wisps of her lyrics, ‘Bottom Line’ casts a roaming visual on emotions up high on the hills of life’s expectations.

The folk single galvanizes as it soothes with vibes of truths.

“This is an electronic downtempo and folk blend made in Ableton,” said Delv. “If you are interested in listening to the hook, please go to the song at 1:00. This song is, very simply put, about trying to help someone through dark times.”

Off of her 7 track LP ‘Waning’, the indie-pop minister of shine and shimmer, delivers with world-music expanse and arrangement of sound that provides that time of solace.

From song, to song, to song, ‘Waning’ melts your stresses off of those shoulders, and offers something new and palpable.

Delv is a project by Philly songwriter and producer Kris Leigh.

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Los Angeles, Thank you for being home these last three years. Even though we had our differences, I’ll always thank you for what you brought to me. I know that finding out what you don’t love is still an actualization towards what you do love. . I keep your rich culture in my heart, your creative, wild spirit, your dedication to pressing boundaries and the vast natural beauty that lives outside your doorstep. Your air feels electrified… but maybe that’s just smog? Your smoke and mirrors. . You’re a busy, lonely city. People come here to be found, but I found myself transparent. And in my disappearance, you asked me for deep self reflection and reinvention… for detachment from what I had built my”self” on. It was painful and it was beautiful. Just like any growth is. . Thank you for your lessons. Im excited to continue digging to my likely infinite, non-existent bottom. I’ll see ya around, Kris

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