Demi Mitchell Shares Brand New Single ‘Medicine Woman’. It’s Your Chance. Take It.

Demi Mitchell’s new single ‘Medicine Woman’ takes us on a sun drenched and color enhanced trip down that memory lane, which we’d never been. That mask of silk and grey hue curtains drape around us, with that intoxicating attraction. The drink is slow and easy. The atmosphere is smoke filled, and handsome. Like a pulp-fiction tragedy, ‘Medicine Woman’ brings out the emotions and ironic layer of juxtapositions, we all want, here or there.

Demi’s vocals is the driver in this song.

It taunts. It’s mysterious. It’s that ‘desire’ you’d never thought you’d possessed before.

It’s the mundane. It’s that banal moment.

Your world is all about that. That banality – in yourself, in your actions, in others’ actions, the way we live our lives.

Love seems to drop a dollop of pure joy, in points of our long lives.

Take it.

Take her love.

Accept his embrace.

Live a little.

Live a lot.

Demi Michell is based out of Newcastle, Australia.


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