Demie Cao ‘SAGE’ : Both fun and virulently approachable. It’ll get you up and dancing in that modern ol’ school vibe.

Demie Cao

“5 foot 2 bitch, I don’t hide it.”

Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Demie Cao has collaborated with international DJ and Producer, Holly, known globally as one of the best emerging music artists from Eurowork with Baauer, music and performances, for her single second single of 2020, ‘SAGE’.

Filmed in Hong Kong, the music video for “SAGE” showcases the beautiful architectures of the city which highlight Demie’s smooth rap and eclectic choreography. The confidence-boosting anthem’s music video drew inspiration from Demie’s travels across the globe, as she spent time developing her artistry in Seoul and Hong Kong in preparation for her EP, ‘Airplane Mode’.

“Working with Holly is always a pleasure. Not only do his beats go hard, he’s just a super chill person,” said Demie. “It’s easy for me to push myself creatively when working with someone like that. Sage is the first track I’ve done with Holly, and a product of hearing his beats for the first time. It just went so hard and was unlike any beats I’ve written to before. I knew I had to channel full destroyer for it to work. Sage is the product of my alter ego rapping.”

Added Holly: “It was truly an international collaboration. I’m in Los Angeles, and I’m making music for a Chinese-American artist. This is my first time having the Mandarin language in one of my songs. I produced 4 songs which ultimately became the final song.”

Refreshing and airy, ‘SAGE’ is a killer anthem, both fun and virulently approachable. It’ll get you up and dancing in that modern ol’ school vibe.

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