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Demien Sixx // Birch // Calcou // EIMIC // De Rien

Demien Sixx – Enter Half Dead

This is a sci-fi inspired bass house song. It is a festival type bass song with a heavy dubsteps influence. The song carries a sci-fi horror atmosphere making it perfect for the September to January EDM show season. “Sure, it’s all about the great sound, but a club night is not only experienced through your ears. My shows are a multimedia experience delivered to engage all of your senses.” In the EDM world, ‘Demien Sixx’ is a name that many people are quickly becoming to know and remember.

Birch – Come To Life

‘Birch’ is back with another high energy EDM/House track ‘Come to Life’. With beautiful melodies in both the production and vocals, Birch perfectly builds the track up through the verses and the pre-chorus towards a high energy, heavy bass and drum drop that will get everyone up on their feet. The song is about staying true to yourself and going for what you want. Reaching out the vastness of life, there must be a distraction that can revive our passions. Those passions that can makes us feel and make whole, once more, for the last time. Thrive on the beats of a Universal cause. A cause not just to exist, but absorb with passion.

Calcou – Zeitgeist (feat. Bastien)

‘Zeitgeist’ is the third release of Berlin based producer, composer & multi-instrumentalist CALCOU. Clicky noises, a warm analogue kick and some airy organs create the perfect tableau for Bastiens soulful timbre. Vocal chops, carefully sampled note by note from Bastien’s voice and layered into pulsating harmonies add sparkle and a human touch to the driving rhythm. It’s a kaleidoscope of visions, whizzing past you in 100 mph of colors. Dance to the rhythm; make love to the rhythm.

EIMIC -Introduction (Extended version)

EIMIC is an indie electronic band from Moscow, Russia. The band has 3 albums recorded their name. They’ve worked with Broken Social Scene, Metric, Tortoise, Wild Beasts, Jaga Jazzist. Performed at famous festivals Europe and Russia. Max Fedorov, Serge Govorun, and Ilya Kolesnikov bring you psychosis in song and dance. A trance house builder of dreams, EIMIC continues to amaze and delight.

De Rien – Cali

Producer and multi-instrumentalist De Rien releases debut single ‘Cali’, and with it, the German artist casts a spell of significance and restitution. The billowing mounds of antithesis, surround the hills of reticence. An attack on the sensibilities and a scowl for the betrayed. Said De Rien: “‘Cali’ was constructed with intentional levity, enhanced by smooth synth chords. A certain easiness emerges, hardly found within our daily routines.”


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