Demob Happy – Junk DNA

Demob Happy’s Junk DNA comes at you from the get-go. Hard guitar chords accompanied by arrangement that is very weirdly on the cusp of ‘metal-rock’. And we love that, it’s a tease. And it’s a tease that we love hearing.

As we’ve professed in past posts, we know that we’re poseurs that just want to be like other people (or at least have the talent) possess. This is one of those times.. again.


Anywho, the timing changes, the bridge, all work so well in our brains, when we listen to the song. We don’t get to heart that too much in songs, but when it appears we gravitate.

Oh, the guys at Demob Happy has a new album (well, several months old) and touring the UK. If you happen to be in England, have a visit. Seems like a fab time, as you see in the photos below.

We’ll be jealous, but we can take it.


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