Dempsey Bolton ‘In My Sleep’ : A touch. A glimpse. A fool in love for love’s sake.

Dempsey Bolton

Canadian r&b/electroSoul suspension, comes naturally from Dempsey Bolton’s vocals. In conjunction with the beautifully arranged words of the lyrics, comes quietly and often. With waves of invocations, both for body and mind, the heart of the song’s enveloping satin, drips effortlessly and gorgeously.

“‘In My Sleep’ is a powerful ballad that utilizes lush synths and spacious vocals to carve out an emotional journey for the listener,” said Dempsey. “I wrote the song after having a vivid dream about a love interest of mine. The dream was a visceral experience in which her and I were together in a restaurant celebrating the first anniversary of our relationship. I woke up feeling deflated and found myself wishing I could just live inside that dream forever. I wrote In My Sleep as a tribute to that sentiment. It’s a song about longing to live in fantasy instead of wading in a colder reality. Throughout the track there are warm harmonies accompanied by ethereal percussion that paint the aforementioned dreamscape. The sentiment “Wish I could love you in my sleep” is brought home by an epic last chorus featuring bold tom fills and massive pads that lift the emotion to its climax.”

With tight provocations for a new way of light and love, Dempsey’s gracious emotions, delight with the perfection of that perfect love.

A touch. A glimpse. A fool in love for love’s sake.

Or is it only that vapid?

Dempsey asks the right questions.

You can’t help it but just try to love. Even if you know it can’t end the way you’d like.

So we try.

Walk that step toward where you’d always wanted, with Dempsey.


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