Deniz of the Bees ‘Thick Skins’ : A longing profound and tragic.

Leaves you with an effervescent guilt that lingers and charms.

Deniz of the Bees

Deniz of the Bees is the project of Dennis Aydemir. And with ‘Thick Skins’, the delight drops from the heavens as the chorus begins to touch you in ways you’d hoped for. Dark and perpetually emotional, the tragedy of love and loss, comes full bore with ‘Thick Skins’ and you can’t help but accept it, absorb it, delight in its calming rectitude.

Deepened with cinematic lyrics and soaring hooks, his true musical adeptness as a singer/songwriter and guitarist derives from his songs’ seemingly simple yet complex harmonic tensions and how he uses this tool to further carve the nook in which one could feel nestled and home.

Nick Cave, Radiohead, Tom Jobim, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Huun-Huur-Tu, Sting and early Coldplay, the sound of elegance gallops in the valleys of Deniz of the Bees.

Based out of Santa Cruz, CA and Istanbul, Turkey, Of The Bees is a new and eclectic independent band, which teases in urgency and knows exactly what living for the ‘morrow was meant to be. A solitude of vibes, exuding through the pours of solidarity, a compass of movements and gyrations, accompany a beautifully laid simplicity that shatters the listening core.

‘Thick Skins’ leaves you with an effervescent guilt that lingers and charms.


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