Dennis Hollstrom & The Ponies Shares ‘Lost’. “Cast In Stone, For You To Push Yourself Forward.”

Like a gentle cast of waves hitting the small fishing boat in the harbor of your dreams, DENNIS HOLLSTROM & THE POINIES’ ballad of beautiful words and music in ‘Lost’ is a story of all of us.

“I grew up in a small industrial town by the coastline in southern Sweden with my two brothers and parents. I was brought up with guitar music, my father is a blues guitarist and one day he placed a guitar in my room and gave me the advice to start writing my own songs, and so I did. Later on, me and my two brothers formed the indie garage rock bands The Shy Lads and Wonder Coast with a couple of friends, we toured and released records on different labels.”

Sentimental whims and procrastinating efforts in seeking the things that you love the most in life; it is a tale of lost opportunities. Found are lessons encapsulated in the fingers of the Universe – cast in stone, for you to push yourself forward.

“The lyrics mostly tackles small town life in southern Sweden with it’s characters and romantic dreams of getting out to live the adventurous and romanticized life on the road. Sort of a self reflection I guess.” Dennis.

The fabulously understated and gorgeous depiction in ‘Lost’ by the band is a project born of Dennis and 30+ years of looking for a way to express his haunts, his appreciation, his angsts, and love for music. Coming from a musical family, the artist with the Americana/Folk kind of soul, offers up little country tastemakers like ‘Lost’ for all of us to dine on.

DH&TP is formed with Dennis, his younger brother Jonas Hollström, Matilda Hjärtstam, Derry Davey and Johannes Renklint.

And the combination, in our opinion, is a fabulous addition to your rotation.


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