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Deorro, Elvis Crespo & Henry Fong // Astrolemo // MWRS // Strange Talk // Signal craintif

Deorro, Elvis Crespo & Henry Fong – Pica

Latin music stars Deorro and Elvis Crespo offers some better fun with ‘Pica’ with Henry Fong to put another layer of production that is energetic, familiar, eclectic, and profound in its relative framework. A definite club banger, ‘Pica’ seduces with ultra-hooky lines and infectious prominence, which we all look for in a good time. ‘Pica’ is your solution, as it follows up Deorro & Elvis Crespo’s 2017 Latin Billboard Award-winning hit single ‘Bailar’.

Astrolemo – Zero Gravity

Flying through the netherworld, they look down at the glitter of the sun, bouncing off of the Amazon. ‘Zero Gravity’ is your summation for what high-flying and chill journey. A promise to another place of solace and maybe successes. ASTROLEMO derives its own energies through the modern hesitations and glimpses of future-past. Living and breathing, to an order of magnitude – described and fulfilled by its talent and ingenuity.

MWRS – Rock To The Rhythm

MWRS debuts with their new label Panther’s Groove with the new single ‘Rock To The Rhythm’. The song is an expected and dizzying whirlwind of dynamic rhthms, house beats, and energy. The crowd goes wild, and you know why. The blaring glitz of the single bulldozes your senses, as you dance your head off. Exactly what you want.

Strange Talk – Stick By You

Time and change is STRANGE TALK. The evolving tastes of the band was pushed to the fore as the former 4 piece has dynamically and deliciously transformed into a resoundingly crisp producers of electronica. New look, new feel, refocused – shifts of narrations represent the relativity of their new offerings, as the duo is set to let the world know of with their new EP in October. Stephen Docker and Gerard Sidhu are the two who make this project happen, as it’s indelibly, chic.

Signal craintif – Strange vibe

Can talent be revealed, even if it’s just your side hustle and passion? Heck yes. And in the case of SIGNAL CRAINTIF’s single ‘Strange Vibe’, that is boldly apparent to hear and experience. “I have started since my 14 years to deal with can of way but the urge to do well,” said Signal, “to create things that please me a lot, today I wish to improve even more and to be able to share what I do in order to have feedback that can help me to improve myself.” Humble with that large positivity in what life will afford him – it’s a good sign.


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