DERAYERNAH ‘Siberian Scopes’ : Surrealism and tongue-in-cheek thunder of epic DERAYERNAH-isms.


You haven’t heard such surf-rock like DERAYERNAH. The duo from Glasgow Scotland, Drue Marsland and Jhau Watema constructs noise that is like paisley wonders that glisten in the pitch blackness of the northern frigid night sky. A venerable wafting of expositions, pulled by talent and delivered in an ambitious audacity, perfectly encapsulated.

Off of their upcoming new album ‘In Joys’, the project is a water painting canvass, dripping in lavish turn of the century vibes, surrealism and tongue-in-cheek thunder of epic DERAYERNAH-isms. Prog rock vengeance, meets the Universe in ‘Siberian Scopes’ to proud effect.

‘In Joys’ was recorded in 2019 at Anchor Lane Studio in Glasgow by Luigi Pasquini.


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