Derek Driver ‘Normal’ : Chosen on other path, to seek his inner most.

Derek Driver

Derek Driver is complex, without amplifying that fact to others. His relationship with life and then subsequently with his music, has been that: a layered mystery of love and interjections. A younger life of music had been driven back by his secret desires or angsts. Now after many years of military service, his new found dimensions and philosophies in life, brought him back to his life of expression through notes and song.

‘Normal’ is one of his anthems of return. And with it, a somber but effervescent dichotomy of a soul who’d seen, wants an existence outside of the chrysalis with which he’d felt comfortable for such a long time.

“‘Normal’ was actually the first song he wrote to get himself back in the game,” said Derek. “It’s about respecting and appreciating people that are content, because ‘I can’t be Normal’.”

Holed up in his Edmonton home laundry room/studio, armed with only an acoustic guitar, past experience, and heart (mostly), Derek immersed himself in his newly re-discovered drive to write music. That was with his first completed song ‘Normal’ and since then, Derek professes feelings of his restlessness with life, the confusing emotions that come along with that, and how they can affect the people closest to you.

Life is bittersweet at times. But an experience that needs to be engaged. Derek has chosen on other path, to seek his inner most.


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