Derek Simpson ‘Sofia’ : A spiritual reflection packaged in irresistible nu-disco minimalism.

Derek Simpson

Derek Simpson is an American recording artist, producer, and multi-instrumentalist.

Said Derek: “When I dream, Sofia calls me in. She speaks through intuition, bringing to light that which previously dwelled in the dark, cobwebbed corners of my unexplored psyche. I don’t need to call her mine or pursue her, I’d rather remain receptive to her suggestion and appreciative of her timely visits. I get the sense that we have been entwined in this dance since the first moments of time and that we will continue in step together until the music’s over.”

Earlier this year, Derek Simpson released their hypnotic slow jam “Hide + Seek” and within the same week debuted “bad_connection” – a free album and short film combining found footage with sampled material to provide commentary on humanity’s relationship with technology.

Simpson’s ‘Sofia’ is a spiritual reflection packaged in irresistible nu-disco minimalism.


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