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Derrival – Found Out (Stripped Down Version / Video)

Derrival’s Found Out is a fine song. But wasn’t hitting our ‘CHF chords’ that much. At least for us to review. However, this stripped down version came by, and, to us, takes it to a different elevation.

It’s less emo-alt-rock.

It’s less teen-angst-pop to the 1000th power.

It’s more of what indie-pop (to us anywho) should sound like.

Especially for a very talented group of guys in Derrival.

Derrival would be fine without our reviews, for sure. They will be successful without our assistance.

But this review is all about CHF’s past hunger to become bigger fans of Derrival, and looking for a reason or stronger excuse to do so.

And this video and version does so, for us.


We’re glad for sure.

And we lapped it up, and just is a fab version.

In saying so, we’re asking readers to hear and view this vid.

Kudos, Derrival. Kudos.

Would love to know what they were thinking about when producing this particular version. We’re always curious about those kinds of mechanics behind the scene.

Oh well. Maybe in the future.



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