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Destroyer – Cover From the Sun

Detroyer’s Cover From The Sun is very good. In fact, with all the things we kind of know about Dan Bejar (a.k.a. Destroyer), the song is light, fun, effervescent. Again, it’s really good. Let the sunshine through.

However, the song is a little ‘dig’ at the maladies of relationships and idiosyncrasies- Bejar style.

It’s what’s true.

It’s about what truth is.

It’s about facts.

It’s about disinfecting through discovery.

Revealing in sun-light, tells what character one really is.

Most of the time, because of our human make-up, we run. Run like the dickens.

Running away is what we do. And it’s easier, sometimes, to avoid the subject.

We avoid our spouse, mates, friends, associates, our lovers.

It’s not fair for both sides. It’s a tragedy waiting to happen. It’ll be too late.

Let’s not be too late.

Let the sun shine on your skin and warm you up.

It feels good to be up front.

It’s a short song, but we like it because it’s Bejar and that it is clear and present.

Destroyer is rep’ed by Merge Records and Dead Ocean Records. Cool labels, cool artist.


Merge Records
Dead Ocean Records


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