Deva St. John ‘Reckless’ : Refreshing and nostalgic. Frees herself and her awareness. We should follow.

Deva St. John

There’s no denying it. You can’t help but gravitate to Deva St. John’s single ‘Reckless’, like moths to a flame. Exultant, melodic, attractive – the single is a intense rock that cleanses you from inside out, with pop edges and dynamic vocals.

Said Deve: “I grew up as a working actor. As much as I loved it (and still do) I felt like I couldn’t really explore who I was or who I could become. Unwavering commitment, regardless of how damaging it might be, seemed like the only key to success. When I finally got the courage to also pursue music, it felt like a very reckless choice. I committed way less energy to acting and was getting a lot of angst out in the songwriting. I was worried it would affect my employability.”

Deva’s story of self reliance, moments of interpolation, but an ultimate push for accepting sacrifice and the final rewards, is a story of all of us.

A soul, existing in this ocean of humanity, we try our best to live and also, distinguish.

Constant struggle that invites us like, ‘moth to a flame’.

Refreshing and nostalgic, Deva’s music frees herself and her awareness. We should follow.


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