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She-Devils – I wanna touch you

She-Devils’ I Wanna Touch You is a cylindrical description of what a hazy fog ridden afternoon in July midnight, could be.

Take my hand. Make me happy. You can do it. Do it with me. I need to feel you, touching my inner thigh. Caress me, then I’ll caress you. For I love you.

I Wanna Touch You is a short diddy. But Audrey’s vocals, as usual, just pops in a 50’s sounding way. Her disposition towards the song, it’s attitude towards the world, is evident (at least to us). And that makes us feel warm and fuzzy.

It feels like the song will guide one’s (maybe mistreated) soul to another ladder rung up (or down) – in the exercise (ad-hoc) to pull one’s pants up and love again.

Or at least love ONCE… like the real deal…like it should have been…like it could have been…maybe.

It’s a silent warning, is what we’re saying and Audrey and Kyle, exacts revenge on one’s pre-conceptions.

Whittle it down, boy. Whittle it down.

Take it slow, take it full, take it to the hilt.

We dig it, for sure. And we dig She-Devils.

The duo from Montreal are rep’ed by Secretly Canadian. Congrats you two! We’re fans.

They’re touring the US South this November. Check ’em out, if you can!



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