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Devon Welsh // Back to the Point // Das Black Milk // Carvel’ // Carl Louis

Devon Welsh – Uniform

Ontario-born artist Devon Welsh shares “Uniform,” the fifth and final single off of his sophomore solo album, True Love, officially out October 11. “The song is about role models, identity and love,” Welsh elaborates. ““The male stereotype is that you’re not supposed to cry, you’re supposed to be strong and confident and powerful,” he says. “That feeds into a masculine identity where you can’t look inward and figure out: Who am I that’s distinct from that? Those stereotypes prevent people from understanding how they can relate to others from an authentic place—instead of how they feel they’re supposed to be operating.” Languid and deliberately purposeful, the songs of Devon Walsh are journeys that are dark, mysterious, and wholly justified. Inner feelings of self-doubt are questioned over and over, to be dynamically inclined in the process of learning and surviving. Devon keeps moving forward. See Devon next on Nov 2nd in Chicago, IL @ Hideout.

Back to the Point – Saviour

“Our music is now much richer than before, with many layers and different sounds being utilized. We’re experimenting more with our sound and will continue to do so with more singles in the pipeline, pushing our limits as far as we can! This song is an exciting first step in the next part of our journey as a band and we can’t wait to share more.” Determined, consistent, looking for visions for the future. Back To The Point is made up of intrepid members Sam Trenter, Lewis Whymark, Richard Roebuck, and Nathan Garwood. The post-punk pop-punk band makes it really hard not to get into the ol’ school vibes with the modern aesthetics brought by the vocals and the slick licks of the guitar. Crowd pleasers, and fortune tellers, they are on their way to great and new heights. See them @ Halloweiner 2, in Ipswich October 26th.

Das Black Milk – Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love Part 2. (Still Ain’t Talkin’)

First single from Das Black Milk’s new 10 track LP ‘Jewels and Elements’, is ‘Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love Part 2. (Still Ain’t Talkin)’. “‘Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout’ Love at it’s heart is a rock n’ roll song with a focus on smashing and bending the idea of the genre. It has a fun, familiar uptempo groove with a (tongue in cheek) catchy hook. The lyrics explore the the idea of greed and narcissism from the perspective of observing the observer. From this lens we speak about the human condition from an isolated, disconnected yet righteous point of view. We are not a part of this world, we were dropped into it.” Indeed. With an additional and burly vibe of tropical EDM touches of electronic effects, the call for garage scrapes and taunts, come standing with an absolute salute in distinction. Chant away. Wake up. See them next @ Caffeine Underground, Brooklyn NYC October 20th.

Carvel’ – The Good, The Bad, The Kinda Gross

“When plastic surgery becomes the ideal and selfies become a job, one should not wonder why the world is ruled by superficial self-promoters. We are fed up with selfie skills and proper blur-tool usage being the know-how of the moment. We don’t mind aesthetics and such. But let us take it down a notch.” High-beams of life, for individuals, come at different levels of satisfaction and/or degradation. Each scenario brings shame or happiness, stemmed from the imperfection of our inner selves, where consumption and waste comes with the show. That’s what we do, as human beings living in the modern society. Consumption and waste, is bad enough. But at the end of the day, we’ll likely feel more and more empty in the tank. Beats and synth, rounded out with the gainful rock drums, ‘The Good, The Bad, The Kinda Gross’ can be any one of us. And all of us, at the same time. Empathy and support is needed, from the smallest to th largest egos. Fragility is what we’re made of. Honesty and conviction will be the goal. Can we get there? Mario Metzger, Tobias Metzger, Simon Altwegg, and Jérôme Schwarz are Carvel’.

Carl Louis – Shadows

‘Shadows’ is one of the tracks from Carl Louis’ upcoming debut album ‘Silent Soldier’, bringing out true emotional melancholy in the in indie electronica. The album is a new project inspired by the lighthearted and positive naïveté of indie pop. Carl Louis grew up on an island outside of Oslo, with the ocean as his closest neighbor. Stranded in the tempest and left to his own devices, it didn’t take long for this blue-eyed boy to catch up to his dreams of the world. And from that early and impressionable stage of life, Carl grew with the determinist mentality of conquering his aims of life and the prospect of music. The ambiguously and grossly decadent vocals of Carl, smoothly slathers across the names and places of journeys and lovers on the plain of story telling. With underpinned altruism for the ethereal and an ambitious heart for gaining an anchor for the future’s hand that has led him – he grasps with confidence and bewitching revelry in and through his perpetual musical outputs. His heart on sleeve; charming, silent, coaxing.


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