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Devorah Shares ‘Wrong Time’. “For that internal ocean of acceptance.”

Anita Lester is DEVORAH. ‘Wrong Time’ is the right time for your sense of songwriting to be blooming again. With this song, your soul moves like the flotsam and jetsam of the moving world, but with the knowledge that you are ‘here’, and ‘can never be any other’.

A prize for what you are.

A prize for who you are.

A derivative act upon a thought – where you are an island of prose and internal ocean of acceptance.

Your salvation is you.

Now you know, for sure.

DEVORAH is a beautiful cast of projects, within a project, where the songstress, who is, herself, vulnerable, indecisive, petulant, and faulty. And just like the rest of us, she works on being better. Not for others, but most importantly, for the day when her vision of her footprint in this world will mash perfectly to the person that resides within.

And there is the secret ingredient to such gorgeous songwriting, and a depth of singing with a palpable energy.

You can’t fake that.

‘Wrong Time’ is a celebrated coming-of-age song for the limits of our human hearts and minds. The traditions from Cohen to Radiohead, resides with ample certainty within this debut single. And with it, maybe…just maybe a key to look at our own emotions, in a different light.

Of love.

Of honesty.

Kudos, DEVORAH. Kudos.



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