Devorah ‘You Want it Darker’ (Leonard Cohen) : Dark. Solitary. Worldly. A gorgeous interpretation.


Devorah is Anita Lester. And her interpretation of Leonard Cohen’s ‘You Want it Darker’ is gorgeous.

When Devorah’s manic state of affairs, within the folds of her fully engaged vocal expressions, each tinge of emotions, bounce with extreme agility. A gaze of flow and palpable gains are profited in Devorah’s depths, and that fits with how this song should be offered.

And with the recent Australian fires, it’s an apropos kind of prophecy, which Devorah wanted to connect.

“The bushfires in Australia have irreparably devastated the country and shone light on the holes in leadership. The music community have literally banded together in an effort to rise above the government and contribute anything they can.”

This is a beautiful cast of projects, within a project, where the songstress, who is, herself, vulnerable, indecisive, petulant, and faulty. And just like the rest of us, she works on being better. Not for others, but most importantly, for the day when her vision of her footprint in this world will mash perfectly to the person that resides within.

‘You Want it Darker’ is an early release from Devorah’s debut EP ‘Erato’ (March). And in aid of the bushfire crisis, all proceeds for the next year going towards wildlife conservation.


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