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DEYO – Overlapping

DEYO offers up light and happy hopes with single ‘Overlapping’. The single is included in the upcoming LP that drops October 11th. Said DEYO: “This song came to me while I was riding my bicycle through San Francisco. I parked beside a friendly looking stoop and had a fully formed acoustic demo within a half hour. It was written as an optimistic set of goals for a blossoming romantic relationship; to live in harmonious support of one another and to remain present throughout the process. Originally it was recorded live with a full band, then we stripped away everything but the vocals and rebuilt it as a lush electronic indie-dance song.” Tap into the vibrancy of ‘Overlapping’ – a look into the surroundings of glorious vibin’ world that is unfair at times, but beautiful at times. It’s the consequential longing that the song reverberates. You feel it. Feeling it lifting you up. Word.

Federale – Aim for the Heart

Collin Hegna of FEDERALE said: “‘Aim For The Heart’ was one of those rare songs for us that came together really quickly. Generally our music has these grandiose string and horn arrangements that can take some time to craft. Sometimes I forget that underneath these big arrangements lives a guitar band that can flesh out a song entirely on its own. This song was built around the guitar riff and I knew that it was headed in a fuzzed out psychedelic direction from the get go. Once we got the distorted guitars and combo organs going we realized that what we had was a bit more Black Angels than Ennio Morricone. Which is why we asked The Black Angel’s visualist Bob Mustachio to do the video for it. It turned into a fucking head melter.” Portland flavored, folk/psyche-rock band offers up brooding commentaries with the new album ‘No Justice’. The 7 piece does it right and brutal.

Bankruptcy – City Girls Talk

Toronto’s BANKRUPTCY is Rob Benvie’s new band. ‘City Girls Talk’ is the band’s newest single. The band works like clockwork to bring entertainment at its best. The band collectively made up of artists from The Dears and The Meligrove Band, keeps you sopping for more. The new upcoming album ‘Computers Make The Drinks’ (November 2019) makes you wanna have fun, whether you’re a gal or guy. It’s the new age of new-wave, and it’s unsettling in your lower gut, as you realize that it’s ‘FOR YOU’. The match is made, and there’s no way of returning to the past. You have become BANKRUPT. In a good way of course. BANKRUPTCY said they: “strive to balance the snazzy and the scuzzy. To keep it lean, though the temptations of gluttony always lurk.” How precious, ain’t it? Their music is that fabulous. Live it, like you always wanted to.

Weekender – Rising

Founder and principle songwriter Derek Sheehan stated: “Rising was an early song I wrote back in 2016 or 2017. For the longest time I only had the first verse lyrics looped through the song. I don’t think I finished the lyrics until April of this year. Some songs just take longer than others, and you move on and comeback to them when the time is right,” Sheehan muses “but this one is a love song about someone special.” Philadelphia based dream-pop outfit WEEKENDER has shared a video for their new single, ‘Rising’, off their upcoming 3rd EP, ‘Modern Daydream’. “Not only is a collaborative record a new thing for Weekender, but also producing, recording, and mixing the record ourselves. It was a big undertaking, but we learned a lot. I really enjoy all the songs on this record. I think they all have something to offer in their own way, and definitely a taste of what is to come.” What’s to come is excitement in the WEEKENDER kind of thrust. A gentle waft of ‘the now’ meets the harrowingly interesting ‘unknonwn’. It’s life and it’s bold. You’re in a direct path to collision. Listen to WEEKENDER on the way.

Microcosms – Waste of Time

Microcosms makes music to question your beliefs to. The band is most influenced by modern rock artists like Arctic Monkeys, Bully, Cage the Elephant, Courtney Barnett, Portugal. the Man, and Wolf Alice. We’d said of them prior: “Chicago based alt-rock band grooves and shimmies into the uncharted waters of the rockin’ visions that are yet to be conquered…Pulsating and irreverent nuances are amplified to a beautifully decadent noise, in contrast with Andrew Tschiltsch’s confounding-ly calm and placid rock vocals that gives us confidence to bop further.” A lot further, ma man. ‘Wast Of Time’ is the counter-effect to the doldrums. Get into this suft-psyche vibe that brings it.


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