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Di Ivories – Tickle My Ego

Diego is the project DI IVORIES. And ‘Tickle My Ego’ is a virtual survey of challenges dethroned on the way to becoming the person that Diego deemed he should be. But that journey still continues for him. More importantly, through his sharing, we can vibe about what we feel during our own journeys. However, it’s not about the drudgery that the song is about – it is more of a celebration of the good stuff strewn by the curbside along that path. Diego is about that party, and wellness of the soul. And though the stories might tinge with lessons to heed, by the end, with effervescent indie vibes, he thinks we all should smile and make happy. What a guy. ‘Tickle My Ego’ is the 3rd song off of his upcoming album.

Gutter Sparrow – Clear Light of Morning

Off of his upcoming ‘The Waker Dreams’ (Oct 25th), GUTTER SPARROW offers up a ballad singalong, both beautiful in touch and texture. John Mosloskie is the man behind the project, and in this single ‘Clear Light Of Morning’ he quells the deepened sorrows to start the day with new attitude and circumstance. A lesson for all of us, we all know that there’s no going back into the past. It is a slice of dimension that we cannot reclaim. But what we can do is to reach for the future, with a renewed energy and gumption to capture it. Bravery for the future is what we feel ‘Clear Light Of Morning’ reveals. And we think the New Jersey born, New Yorker, whom calls Rome Italy his home, would like for us to take home. Will do.

Midriff – Old New

MIDRIFF’s single is more cosmic than we’d thought it would be. It delivered us o to a place of space and dimensions that is small, but quality. You know, a place of fluffy carpets and lovely and big Saluki pets. MIDRIFF is an indie-psych-surf band from New Orleans, and in ‘Old New’, they’re flying high and taking names. The sultry vitality of the song is indicative of their body of work. Live oriented and never shy of new phases in construction, the songs transcend enough to get you to that plateau of mind and grace. Touching upon the edges of experimentation and solid indie-pop endeavors is where MIDRIFF excels so well. ‘Old New’ is the first single off of their debut album.

Lucky Beaches – Jenny Mo’

LUKCY BEACHES is the project from a guy, based out of Liverpool, England. We don’t know his name. We don’t know what he eats for breakfast. Nor, do we know what inspirations he utilizes to bring forth such a song like ‘Jenny Mo’. But we’re glad he does. After all, it is, in its own quirky way, a love story of epic proportion. Well, as said – in its own way. The Universe where this single lies, is the happiness that is felt between two, where individuality merges symbolically to merge into one. A virtual molding of two minds, two hearts, two ambitions. A sentiment that only can be explained by LUCKY BEACHES. In HIS own way. The song is catchy and unassuming. Watch your back. Kudos.

Guillem Plana – Polissó d’Asteroide
‘PROJECTE ASTROLABI’ is Guillem Plana’s new album. The band completed with bandmates Eloi Escudé, Isaac Coll, and Arnau Altimir, the sounds of guitar driven prog-jazz enliven the atmosphere it inhabits with whirling bass, crisp drums, and articulate hymns in rhythm. The single ‘Polissó d’Asteroide’ is a uniquely poised song, of beautiful bliss and cordial vibes of the good and byes. The album is an eclectic about the ‘disproportion of the cosmos’. Guilt, honesty, victory, awareness are some of the things explored in this fascinatingly relaxing concept album and song. Out now.


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